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Taking care of our freshwater supply

It’s there when we turn on the tap, and we simply expect it to be. However, increasing demand for freshwater means we’re running dangerously low.

In fact, freshwater withdrawals (which is the total water withdrawals, not counting evaporation losses from storage basins), has tripled over the last 50 years and is increasing by a staggering 64 cubic meters every year.

That means it’s up to us as humans to make some smart and informed choices. Using Stone Paper rather than traditional pulp paper is one of these smart choices.

A metric ton of Stone Paper requires exactly zero water usage, as production of Stone Paper is completely dry. In comparison, a metric ton of new wood-pulp paper requires 15.7 X water usage (equivalent to 434 showers), whereas a metric ton of recycled pulp paper requires 5.84 X water usage.

But beyond choosing Stone Paper instead of wood-pulp paper, there are many more meaningful things we can do to limit our water usage. 

For instance:

Do you know how much water on earth is drinkable?

Only 2 percent of the global water supply is made up of fresh water, which means it’s a precious resource. Some 80 percent of all diseases in the developing world are water-related, and by 2025, the United Nation estimates that 30 percent of the world’s population residing in 50 countries will face water shortage. 

So let’s make the most of the water we have.

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